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Hey there, I'm Cara, I am a Bridal Makeup Artist, currently based out of Fresno, California. I travel on-site to my brides, offering timeless, natural makeup- specifically suited to the bride that wants to feel pampered and gorgeous on her wedding day, but still wants to feel like herself. The bride that understands that she is already absolutely stunning, and that makeup is only here to show just how lovely she already is.

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I'm pretty fortunate to be able to say that a lot of what I do overlaps with what I love. But there are plenty of things that I am passionate about that I keep separate from my amazing job. I am a HUGE houseplant addict, and I am equally ashamed/proud to say that I own over 25 plants. I am also a huge astrology and tarot enthusiast, and spend my spare time freaking out my friends by guessing their signs and interpreting their birth charts.

So, back to what I do.
I won't let you worry about your makeup on your wedding day. I just won't. Not when you have a filled with your loved ones to enjoy.
I know you just want to look stunning, and deep down- you know that won't be that hard, because you are already flawless. I love what I do and I feel so lucky to enjoy my passion everyday! But that's enough about me, let's hear about you! Get in touch with me here!

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